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Commercial Property Loans Designed for Long-term Profitability

If you are in the market to purchase commercial real estate of any sort, start your search with Castle Mortgage Corp. Our skilled mortgage professionals and top-rated lenders offer versatile terms for clients in West Palm Beach, Miami, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West and surrounding areas in Florida. Our team offers traditional purchase and hard money loans for many types of commercial properties, including warehouses, office buildings and more. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your first commercial property or have invested before, our team can provide the personalized service you require. Contact Castle Mortgage Corp. about your commercial property loan today.

Feel Confident in About Commercial Property Financing

Choosing the right commercial property requires a great deal of your time. When you work with a mortgage professional at Castle Mortgage Corp., we can help alleviate the stress related to financing any potential property. We can offer pre-approval in many cases, so you can go into negotiations with confidence. Currently, we finance properties up to $80,000,000 with term lengths to meet your needs. We are certified to provide loans in Indianapolis and surrounding communities and have multi-state licenses should your commercial investments take you elsewhere.

Refinancing Possibilities

If you are looking to refinance commercial real estate, we offer a wide range of options. Refinancing can help you achieve greater profitability through lower monthly payments, lower interest rates, or a new term length that works better for your business. We can negotiate loans ranging from $500,000 to $300 million. We will carefully evaluate your profits, expenses and financial goals to determine what commercial real estate loan can help you maximize profits.

Alternative Loan Options

We can approve a wider range of commercial loan applicants than some big bank lenders. Even if your credit history is not pristine or you are not able to put down the traditional 20% down payment, we may be able to help you find a solution.

We can finance specialized loans called "no income" or "stated income" mortgages for self-employed borrowers. We know that self-employed clients have complex specifics when it comes to income. In many cases, we can provide commercial real estate loans without proof of income, including tax returns, pay stubs or W-2s. For these types of loans, we may require a higher minimum down payment and loan to value ratio. Because Castle Mortgage Corp. has long-term lender relationships, we can provide competitive rates compared with other lenders in the area.

Financing for Mutual Benefit

At Castle Mortgage Corp., our mortgage professionals focus on creating long-term relationships with our borrowers. We want to earn your trust so that we can be your partner for any commercial property loans in the future. If you are purchasing property in West Palm Beach, Miami, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West or surrounding areas in Florida, set up a complimentary consultation with our team. We have the experience required to provide out-of-the-box solutions so your business can thrive. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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